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Company spotlight Scottrade One of the most recognized and respected names in stock and commodities trading, Scottrade has been developing industry-standard tools for over three decades. The company offers several trading platforms and research tools, which could help you stay informed and ahead... Read Reviews
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Oil hasn't been popular with investors for quite a while. Since oil collapsed following an OPEC-led attack to bankrupt foreign oil producers and take back market share from new oil sources like U.S. shale, oil stocks have been looked at warily. But even though oil has been the most recent asset class to fall on hard times, it's still fared better than the most distrusted asset right now – real estate. Since the sub-prime mortgage crisis in 2008 that struck down financial markets across the globe, real estate has been one of the most quiet asset classes with very little coverage and seemingly little attention from investors. But it's been nine years since then - real estate might be getting an unfair deal right now. Unpopular Doesn’t Mean Worthless Following the disastrous 2008 financial crisis, investors stayed as far away from real estate investments as they possibly could. Words like “collateralize mortgage obligation” sent shivers down the spines of whoever heard them and the real estate market was virtually left abandoned. Fast forward nine years and investors still aren't talking about… Read more

The markets have officially come off the post-election high and are now looking uncertain in the face of a far more aggressive rate hike from the Fed. Investors might be looking for some kind of safe haven asset class in order to weather a possible upcoming storm and classic defensive sectors like utilities, healthcare and consumer staples are the first places to find shelter. But with markets overheated, true defensive value could lie elsewhere. Dividend yields might be attractive for investors who are looking for downside protection, but it's hardly a secret. That means that dividend payers are in high demand, driving up valuation multiples and essentially robbing them of their defensive powers. When everyone is after the same thing, the price goes up and value goes down. Looking for Value in All the Wrong Places One of the most common mistakes beginning investors make is assuming that defensive stocks automatically mean less risk and greater wealth preservation. But true value lies in a stocks price to earnings multiple. This is how much of a premium investors place on a… Read more

The Fed raised the Fed Funds by 25 basis points in March, just three months after a rate hike in December. The last previous raise was in December the year before. And now the markets expect to see at least two more hikes before the end of 2017. Originally, the rate hike discussion kept getting delayed because the economy wasn't producing the kind of data the Fed was looking for, so this sudden shift in gears should have a big impact on the economy. With multiple hikes on the table for this year alone, investors need to be prepared for a more volatile market. The Effect of Interest Rates on Stocks Over a long period of time, it's hard to say what the full impact of higher interest rates has on the stock market. Interest rate hikes won't prevent stocks from going up, but that effect happens over a period of years. In the short term though, rate increases tend to have a detrimental impact on stocks. As rates climb, interest on debt also goes up, making it more expensive… Read more

Technology is a fast paced industry that's constantly redefining the way we do business and live our day-to-day lives. In the same way the personal computer changed the world, IoT (Internet of Things) promises to be just as disruptive. IoT is technology that's able to interact with other technology, like smart grids that can predict maintenance needs, self-driving automobiles and smart homes that are energy efficient and fully integrated with our phones and computers. While IoT has the capability to improve our lives and increase productivity, it also opens the door to new challenges and risks. Protection Against the Unknown A fully integrated society has a lot of upsides, but carries a new kind of risk, as well. Most types of technology run the risk of hacking, viruses and other malware. As such, a new type of defense in needed – cybersecurity. Right now, companies like Symantec – known for it's Norton antivirus software – are developing new methods to combat technological risks using A.I.-based software protocols. As IoT becomes more and more integrated, the need for additional and more advanced… Read more

As a beginning investor, you might already have some familiarity with mutual funds, stocks, ETF's and even options. Most online brokers have services that allow you to trade a combination of those assets and you likely understand how to put basic combinations together as part of your investment strategy. But trying your hand in the commodities market is a different story. Commodities trade on the futures market – a market that obeys rules that are very different from the ones you might be used to with stocks and options. You'll also need to find a broker that allows futures trading. Because of the complexities involved, many online brokers won't deal with futures contracts so doing your homework before opening an account is critical. Playing the Futures Market A basic futures contract is simply an agreement to buy or sell an asset on a future date for a predetermined price. Let's use a hypothetical situation as an example of how this works. XYZ Copper Mining is a company that wants to make sure the price of copper doesn't go down in… Read more