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Company spotlight Scottrade One of the most recognized and respected names in stock and commodities trading, Scottrade has been developing industry-standard tools for over three decades. The company offers several trading platforms and research tools, which could help you stay informed and ahead... Read Reviews
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  Since the time that Harvard’s Michael Porter wrote his groundbreaking work on competitive advantage to James F. Moore’s take on business strategy with his coining the term and concept of business ecosystems, the intellectual pursuit for a clear definition and understanding of economics through analogy has taken many evolutionary turns. Economics can be understood from both the perspectives of physics and biology, and one such topic that can be found in both intellectual bodies is the concept of infrastructure. What is Infrastructure? When prompted, most people would say that Thomas Edison’s greatest work was the creation and mass production of the light bulb. Albeit his most famous work, few consider that the more economically impactful act of Edison was not the mass production of light bulbs but (more…) Read more

  I have a friend who knows what she is going to have for dinner a month from now. My friend has each meal mapped out on a calendar so there are no surprises along the way, and makes grocery shopping a breeze for her because she knows exactly what she needs long before she walks through any grocery store doors. The irony of my overly zealous consumption-conscious friend is that when I asked her how much of her income she was saving and investing for retirement, she didn’t have an answer like you would expect after viewing her meal calendar. My friend is an amazing example of how tough it is to think that far out into the future despite the tenacity many of us put toward planning. With bestselling books like “Getting Things Done,” and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” it’s intriguing to me that many of us don’t put forth much income toward one of the most important milestones in our lives: Retirement. The fact is that we aren’t going to be generating an income… Read more

  Once you’ve grown more acclimated to the investment periodical landscape you’ll begin to notice that many of these sources of information only seem to tell would-be stock traders how to get into stock trading, often neglecting those who are already trading on their own account. Despite there being many questions about getting started, there are just as many questions involved once you’ve begin practicing stock trading techniques that need to be addressed. One of the most valid questions to ask once you’ve created a portfolio for yourself is what is the most optimized time to sell? To justly answer this question we have to first figure out the scope of your investment strategy, are you planning on day trading and jumping in and out of stocks on the fly or do you plan on taking a longer approach to investment by purchasing shares in good companies that you can hold for a very long time. (more…) Read more

  The Folly of Anchoring in Stock Trading If you are like many investors, then one of the metrics you use to gauge whether or not to purchase a company’s stock is based on taking a glance at the company’s price on a chart and seeing how their price has fluctuated over some past increment of time. There’s a certain rush that comes when you see a chart-based opportunity while performing some stock trading analysis that involves a graph that, for the most part, is at an appreciating 45 degree angle and has been appreciating that way for quite some time. The urge to buy stock in a positively moving company like that seems to make intuitive sense because a price that has been moving upward in the past should continue to do so in the future – Right? In psychology there is a concept known as the cognitive bias that is used as a way to describe a number of patterns when we as humans fail at using rational judgment. Many of them have fancy names like, “Hyperbolic Discounting,”… Read more

  The English language is a very complex tool that can confuse many of those who are learning it as a second language. Nuances such as the difference between “minute” as in time, and “minute” as in small will easily confuse even native English speakers. The fact that there are multiple definitions for the same word as well as different pronunciations can lead many people astray, and one particular word in stock trading that has no very important meanings is the term “commodity.” What is a commodity? When we hear the term “commodity” many of us think of gold prices, corn prices, pork belly prices, coffee prices, oil prices, and other physical properties that are used as raw materials. Commodities in economics have a much broader meaning that (more…) Read more