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Last Updated:March 27, 2015
Our Rating:
9.8* of 10
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“Highest in Investor Satisfaction…” –J.D. Power

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Ranked as our #1 overall trading platform, Scottrade has developed industry-standard tools over the last three decades. It’s clear from its trading interface that Scottrade puts an emphasis on clean, intuitive design, which allows you to sort through data without clutter. Given its sterling reputation and decades’ worth of experience, Scottrade customers are in great hands. See How Easy It Is - Read Review - Submit Review

1 All fees shown (stock trade, options trade, mutual fund trade, broker assisted trade, and Minimum Deposit) are online trading fees only.

Our Rating:
9.8* of 10
User Rating:

“Best for Options Traders” –Barron’s

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OptionsHouse offers transaction rates starting as low as $4.95, along with flexible features that most online brokerages can’t match. OptionsHouse also brings an award-winning mobile app that you can access anytime, on the go. As a bonus, sign up today and receive up to 150 commission free trades after an initial $5K deposit! See How Easy It Is - Read Review - Submit Review

Our Rating:
9.4* of 10
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“Great User Experience…” –Kiplinger’s

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E*TRADE separates itself from competitors by helping traders gain more autonomy in how they trade. By having an entire section of its company website dedicated to investment strategies, it’s clear that the company not only wants to keep money in its clients’ pockets, but does its part to make sure they are educated on how to best put more money into them. See How Easy It Is - Read Review - Submit Review

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One of the most recognized and respected names in stock and commodities trading, Scottrade has been developing industry-standard tools for over three decades. The company offers several trading platforms and research tools, which could help you stay informed and ahead of the curve in several trade scenarios. With online trades starting at $7 per transaction. Sign Up - Read More

Coupling tons of trading options with unbelievably low prices, OptionsHouse has made a huge splash in the online brokerage industry over the past decade or so. Starting at $4.95 for stock transactions, OptionsHouse simply offers prices that most online trading platforms just can’t match. OptionsHouse doesn’t stop at low pricing, however, offering traders a number of platforms to help them trade stocks, options and other commodities in any way that they’d like. Sign Up - Read More

With a recognizable presence in online trading, E*TRADE has challenged industry standards for over two decades to help bring traders as much control as possible of their stock portfolios. E*TRADE also helps bring you value that goes beyond low commissions, such as 24/7 customer service, complimentary guidance, and streaming research and quotes. Sign Up - Read More

TradeKing’s unique approach encourages investors to form strategies and ideas by interacting with one another. As a discount broker, TradeKing isn’t interested in the bells and whistles of flashy advertising, but instead invests in making sure its traders pay low fees and have access to the right research tools to build stock portfolios worth bragging about. Sign Up - Read More

For new investors looking to make a splash in day trading, TD Ameritrade can offer the user-friendly, powerful solutions that could help you make smart choices. With investment guidance to support its intuitive interface, TD Ameritrade could have you buying and selling like a pro in no time. You could also benefit from the company’s simplistic platforms. Sign Up - Read More

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