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5 Things Successful Investors Do

It can be hard to cut through the cacophony of Wall Street, considering how much coverage there is from so-called experts on television, internet blogs and various other media outlets. But if you pay close attention, you’ll notice something vitally important: they almost never agree on anything. One analysts might predict doom in the next … Read More

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Big Oil: What Investors Should Look Out For

The oil industry has been one of the most volatile and hotly-debated global economic sectors of the last few years. It seemed to begin in the summer of 2014 when OPEC nations decided to launch a battle to maintain their market share against foreign oil producers, such as U.S. shale oil. Prices dropped precipitously, while OPEC … Read More

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Avoid these 5 Mistakes to Stay Financially Healthy in Retirement

For most Americans, retirement is the ultimate goal. You work hard to earn income, invest as much as you can and prepare to live off off those savings for the rest of your life. It’s a permanent vacation and reward for a life well earned. But retirement planning is getting a bit more complicated for … Read More

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Everything You Need to Know about Swing Stock Trading

Swing Stock Trading is a type of momentum trading where the investor attempts to achieve gains from stocks or commodities within a time period of one to four days. A swing trader’s goal is to find the stocks that are likely to have significant potential gain within a short period of time and then trade them … Read More

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How to Reconsider Retirement Planning So You Can Earn Big in Your Golden Years

Retirement planning used to be a fairly straightforward process. Pension and social security income established a base level of income and then your 401K/403b and IRA investments were used to determine how much you could withdraw over 20 years or so to come up with your final income amount.  Anything above and beyond, such as a … Read More

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Are We There Yet? What A Market Top Could Mean For Investors

The second longest bull run in history has continued to march forward this year with almost no indications of trouble. Even the single largest single-day drop of the year had little lasting effect, with the markets bouncing right back to positive territory the next day. The seemingly endless bull market has some investors nervous about … Read More

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Job Market

As much progress as technology can enable, there’s often a social downside that might not be so evident at first. The dawn of the industrial age brought automation to the workforce and allowed businesses and the economy to grow to sizes no one ever imagined possible. But the efficiency came with a radical shift in … Read More

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Beginning Investment Strategies To Help Build Your Portfolio

Whether you’re a new investor just dipping your feet into the stock market or an experienced trader, having the right strategy is essential in keeping your profits up and avoiding unnecessary losses. You might think that just setting up a brokerage account and buying a few stocks is all it take to be successful. You … Read More

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Why Wall Street Might Not Be Smarter Than The Average Investor

If you tune into any financial news program, you’ll immediately find yourself inundated with complex predictions based on mathematical algorithms, analytical breakdowns and speculation on what the economy will do next. These experts have decades of experience trading stocks, manage billions in assets and hold degrees from prestigious universities like Harvard and Yale. That’s why … Read More

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What You Need to Know About Call and Put Options

Becoming an experienced investor usually follows a certain path. You might have started by investing in mutual funds and progressed into opening up a brokerage account that lets you trade individual stocks. You’ve learned the basics of stock diversification and have no hesitation when it comes to placing stop and limit orders on stocks you’re … Read More

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