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Who’s Poised to Be the Next China?

For more than a decade, China has been the engine driving global economic growth. A leader in the emerging market economies with double digit GDP growth, a newly capitalist political regime and a rising middle class gave investors a guaranteed way to maximize profits. The exponential growth caused demand for commodities like steel and aluminum … Read More

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Space: The Next Investment Frontier

Most people think of space exploration as the domain of scientific discovery and nothing more. Only a handful of tech visionaries have already begun investing in what could be the next greatest economic expansion in human history. While it might seem like the stuff of science fiction, investors can already invest in space operations with defense … Read More

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Where M&A Activity is Healthy and Strong

One of the best ways investors can gauge the strength of the economy is through mergers and acquisitions (or M&A) activity. It tells investors that businesses are growing and that the economy is healthy enough to support large financial commitments. Historically, increased M&A activity has been associated with the availability of credit, deregulation or other … Read More

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Is the Global Rally for Real?

The bull has been marching for eight years now with no signs of weakness. In fact, the economic data keeps growing stronger, supporting the case for continued strength in the global rally. The Fed’s recent statements seem to indicate possible rate tightening to combat future inflation, as well – another sign that the markets are … Read More

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What the Business Cycle Says About Industry Stock Performance

The stock market is a dynamic entity that’s in constant motion. Investors analyze stock movements across various sectors in an attempt to spot trends and predict future patterns. One of the most often used methods for analyzing stock patterns is the business cycle. As the economy ebbs and wanes, certain sectors of the stock market … Read More

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The Basics: How to Value a Biotech Stock

Investors typically use several generally recognized methods for analyzing a stock’s value. Basic ratios such as P/E (price-to-earnings), EPS growth, margins and more provide an overview of how a stock is performing. Normally, these ratios work to compare stocks with the broader markets and can reveal whether a stock is under-valued, fairly priced, or over-valued. But … Read More

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Why Mutual Funds May Not Be Your Best Option

Newly minted investors often turn to mutual funds to meet their financial goals and expectations instead of trading stocks on their own. The idea of taking the fate of your portfolio into your own hands can be intimidating and the availability of investment vehicles that offer diversification and automatic management all-in-one almost makes the decision seem … Read More

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What’s the Future of Alternative Energy?

The energy industry has been on a bit of a roller coaster ride over the past few years. Oil prices crashed in the summer of 2014 as the threat of new oil production from non-OPEC sources, like U.S. shale oil, triggered a price war. OPEC nations pumped out more oil than global demand called for, … Read More

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How IoT is Changing the Retail Paradigm

The technological revolution arguably began with the proliferation of the personal computer. From there global industries began to change incorporating technology into their everyday operations. Entirely new industries like telecommunications sprung up almost overnight and the world became interconnected in a way that had never before been seen in human history. A new emerging trend … Read More

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Don’t Panic! Turn an Unstable Environment Into Maximum Profits

Now that the election is over, investors have begun turning from hopeful optimism to nervous skepticism. The Trump administration was viewed as good for American manufacturing and investors began to buy industrials and materials, while commodity prices in metals like copper enjoyed similar gains. With the actions of the administration early in office, though, investors … Read More

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