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Stocks and Bonds: How To Allocate Your Portfolio’s Holdings

If you watch any financial news program or read investment-based articles, you might notice something interesting – they’re usually about stocks. There might be a bit about currencies, commodities and bonds, but by and large stocks get the most coverage. There’s a good reason for it: stocks tend to be the first type of asset class … Read More

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Should I Invest in Foreign Currencies?

If you’re looking for another way to make your dollar grow, you might consider doing away with the dollar entirely and investing in foreign currencies. The Forex market, once the home of large institutional brokerages and hedge funds, is now available to everyday investors through margin accounts. While it may sound risky and exotic, foreign … Read More

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Margin Levels and What They Mean for Investors

Investors have always looked for an edge in the marketplace. Any detail, no matter how small, is an advantage if it could predict future stock movements. Aside from the obvious, like economic data and stock returns, one element in particular carries a lot of weight when it comes to predicting stock market corrections and crashes: … Read More

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How to Play a Rate Hike

The markets have predicted a 50-50 chance that the Fed will raise rates again this December and investors are on the fence as to how this could benefit them. The election cycle has complicated matters leaving many investors on the sidelines until the vote comes in and uncertainty abates a little in the markets. Last … Read More

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What to do With Losers in Your Portfolio

There’s no worse feeling than watching a stock in your portfolio drop in value day after day with no end in sight. If it falls less than 10%, you say the markets are just going through a small correction. After it drops 20%, you tell yourself that it must have finally bottomed, but when it … Read More

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Are You Paying Too Much For Stock Trading Services?

Regulation Fair Disclosure drastically changed the Wall Street landscape by allowing both individual investors as well as institutional ones access to the same information at the same time. As a result, stock trading companies proliferated to meet the surging demand of investors who wanted to take charge of their own investment portfolios. Now, you can … Read More

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Smart Tips for Trading Stocks Part-Time

There’s a misguided view that when it comes to trading stocks, one need be all in to really make it financially worthwhile. That’s simply not true. It’s important to build a solid portfolio overtime and at a rate that make most sense for you. Here are some tips for trading stocks part-time: 1. Swing trade … Read More

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The Benefits of Investing in Infrastructure

  Since the time that Harvard’s Michael Porter wrote his groundbreaking work on competitive advantage to James F. Moore’s take on business strategy with his coining the term and concept of business ecosystems, the intellectual pursuit for a clear definition and understanding of economics through analogy has taken many evolutionary turns. Economics can be understood … Read More

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What are Commodities in Stock Trading?

  The English language is a very complex tool that can confuse many of those who are learning it as a second language. Nuances such as the difference between “minute” as in time, and “minute” as in small will easily confuse even native English speakers. The fact that there are multiple definitions for the same … Read More

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