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Is There a Way to Predict or Avoid Black Swans?

Investing comes with risk. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but many investors think that simply diversifying a portfolio eliminates the majority of risk they’re taking on. Unfortunately, risk comes in many different shades and flavors. Experienced investors know all-too well the many different types of risk that comes with investing in the stock … Read More

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Should You Use Leverage in Your Portfolio?

There’s only one goal when investing in stocks – to make money. With that goal firmly in mind, investors have developed numerous methods and strategies intended to filter out winning stocks and execute trades in a timely fashion in order to maximize rises and minimizes falls in value. But even the most successful investors don’t … Read More

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Going Green: Is It Actually Profitable?

When the green movement started, people assumed it would be a passing fad. But it’s obvious now that alternative energy and environmentally-friendly materials are the future of this planet, especially after the sudden leak of an important environment report presented to the White House that shows just how urgent the effects of climate change are. … Read More

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What Market Capitalization Means for a Stock Trade

Investors analyze many different aspects of a stock before deciding whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment. Ratios such as price-to-earnings, price-to-sales and debt-to-equity are poured over while financial statements are reviewed from past quarters to determine trends. But one important thing that seems to go unnoticed often is the company’s market capitalization. Market capitalization is … Read More

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Trading the Pink Sheets: Bold Move or Ill-Advised?

Public companies sell shares of stock to investors, giving them partial ownership in exchange for money used for capital investment purposes. These stocks trade on an exchange where investors can freely buy and sell shares. While most investors are familiar with the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges, there’s another type of exchange that doesn’t receive the … Read More

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How the Fed Impacts Markets

The stock market is a sensitive and fickle thing. The quietest whisper of a merger rumor can impact dozens of companies, while central bank policies on the other side of the globe can affect entire industries. Every new bit of information that comes up is analyzed by investors where predictions are made and stock prognosticators … Read More

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Does the Value of the Dollar Really Matter?

The value of the U.S. dollar is quoted daily on wall Street and even used by some politicians as a way of assessing America’s strength around the world. But considering that currency values are always in flux and dependent upon the relative value of another currency, does the actual value of the U.S. dollar really matter? … Read More

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Understanding Currency Carry Trades

There are many different types of assets to choose from when investing. The most common are stocks and bonds, but there are other types of assets for the more advanced trader, like commodities and currencies. Investing in stocks, bonds and even commodities is relatively simple. As an investor, you purchase the asset with the expectation … Read More

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Investing in Stocks with Negative Earnings

Investing in a stock comes with one simple goal: profit. Stocks move higher as companies grow and profits increase, making shares more valuable as a result. But sometimes, companies that post positive earnings have a losing stock performance and companies that post losses can end up with winning stock performances. Analyzing a stock with positive … Read More

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What is Efficient Market Hypothesis?

Investors look for any advantage in order to turn a profit in the stock market. And that includes doing research and developing theories in order to explain market movements and behavioral patterns. Perhaps the most well-known is EMH or Efficient Market Hypothesis. Like many market theories, EMH attempts to explain how stocks are priced and … Read More

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