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Can This Bull Market Keep Heading Higher?

The stock market has continued its long bull run, up nearly 14 percent year-to-date. It’s the second longest bull market in history, which was born in March 2009 following the Great Recession. And it’s that longevity that has investors wondering – when will it end? Despite setbacks, like the oil crash prompted by OPEC’s war … Read More

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Dividend Payers and Other Hedging Strategies

Dividend paying stocks are usually popular choices for risk-tolerant and risk-adverse investors alike. For the risk-tolerant, dividend yielding stocks can help diversify against loss while providing extra income to boost returns. For the risk-adverse, the same stocks lower overall risk in the portfolio and provide a steady stream of income and returns, instead of chasing … Read More

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3 Investment Rules to Live By

Successful investors know that due diligence and strategic planning are necessary to stay ahead of the curve. Over time, you may find that you’ve developed certain rules that help you invest better and make smarter decisions. If so, you might already know some or all of these three essential rules. If you don’t, you should … Read More

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How Interest Rates Affect the Market

The financial markets are fickle things that overreact to virtually any new information. Some movements are relatively easy to predict, such as when GDP data comes in higher or lower than expected. Others are more tricky. The Federal Reserve, an institution designed to maximize employment and control inflation, has become more influential in the markets … Read More

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Strategies for Mitigating Geopolitical Risk

Risk is a necessary evil in every portfolio – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Risk is why stocks can outperform safer, conservative investments like bonds and treasuries. The key is to diversify your holdings so that one single risk doesn’t pose too much of a threat to your overall portfolio. Many investors believe … Read More

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Getting Started in the Mining Industry

While some investors love chasing the latest technological trend or favorite consumer product or service, others prefer investing in something more primal. These investors like companies whose business is easily understood – something solid. They want a product that has real value, no matter what. Mining companies harvest metals and minerals essential for every industry, … Read More

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What A.I. Automation Means for Employment and Your Portfolio

There’s a lot of talk on Wall Street about the future of artificial intelligence and what it means for the economy. Predictions of robots taking jobs away and mass unemployment are contrasted with ideas of a paradise-like society where no one is left wanting for anything. Reality though, likely lies somewhere in between. There are two … Read More

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Learning to Spot (and Avoid) Value Traps

Value investors pride themselves on their ability to locate undervalued, under-appreciated stocks with a lot of untapped upside potential. It takes due diligence to be able to identify the key characteristics of a value stock – low P/E, low PEG and minimal debt. Many also have little to no analyst coverage, a dividend payment and … Read More

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Everything You Need to Know About 10-K Statements

A successful investor understands the value of due diligence. While technical traders follow patterns of momentum and volatility, those with long term winning track records use fundamental analysis. Understanding comparative ratios, earnings growth and other financial details are what helps an investor know the real value of any stock they want to invest in. Information … Read More

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Including ETFs as Part of Your Stock Portfolio

An investment portfolio can take on many different forms. It might include stocks, bonds, currencies, precious metals, commodities, futures, mutual funds, ETFs and more. It might have just some of these asset types or it might include a little of everything. Diversification is a term that gets passed around on Wall Street often, but seems … Read More

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