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Placing a Price Target on a Stock

Successful investing requires doing a certain amount of due diligence to avoid making costly mistakes. Pouring over financial statements, analyzing ratios and charts, and reviewing comparable statistics to other similar stocks takes time. But it’s all worthless unless you understand exactly how much a stock is actually worth. Knowing when to buy a stock and … Read More

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How to Boost Profits Using Spread Options

Investors are always looking for a way to make their money go further. Investing in speculative high growth stocks can generate returns in excess of 100 percent or more over a couple of years. Those with an extremely high risk tolerance might play the futures market and gain leverage, as much as 200:1 in some … Read More

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Stock Trading 101: When to Cut Your Losses

There’s no worse feeling than selling a stock after it’s lost money – except when you hold on far past when you should have sold, as the stock drops more and more, making you question every trading decision you make from then on. Warren Buffet famously has just two rules he lives by – Rule … Read More

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How to Evaluate an IPO

An IPO launch can be an exciting opportunity for investors who want to get in on the ground floor of a newly-made public company. Companies decide to go public in order to accumulate a massive influx of cash, which is then used for product development, capital investments and other things that help it grow larger. … Read More

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When Dividends Go Wrong

Investing a high yielding, conservative dividend stock is popular for many investors. There’s relatively lower risk implied with these kinds of stocks and having a steady income payment helps balance out annual returns. Combine this with a stock that’s expected to rise in value and you have the ingredients for a winning investment choice. Considering … Read More

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Short Selling and Other Bear Market Strategies

If you were to take a step back and look at the stock market over the long term – say 10 years or more – you’ll notice that despite the roller coaster chart, it always trends higher eventually. This important detail is the primary reason many financial advisers recommend holding on for the long term … Read More

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VIX, Volatility, and Investor Behavior

For decades, investors had very few schools of thought for investment philosophies. Benjamin Graham’s value investment platform and EMH (efficient market hypothesis) were the most popular. But in recent years, a new school of thought known as behavioral finance has begun to take center stage. This new model takes into account things like volatility and … Read More

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Is There a Way to Predict or Avoid Black Swans?

Investing comes with risk. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but many investors think that simply diversifying a portfolio eliminates the majority of risk they’re taking on. Unfortunately, risk comes in many different shades and flavors. Experienced investors know all-too well the many different types of risk that comes with investing in the stock … Read More

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Should You Use Leverage in Your Portfolio?

There’s only one goal when investing in stocks – to make money. With that goal firmly in mind, investors have developed numerous methods and strategies intended to filter out winning stocks and execute trades in a timely fashion in order to maximize rises and minimizes falls in value. But even the most successful investors don’t … Read More

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Going Green: Is It Actually Profitable?

When the green movement started, people assumed it would be a passing fad. But it’s obvious now that alternative energy and environmentally-friendly materials are the future of this planet, especially after the sudden leak of an important environment report presented to the White House that shows just how urgent the effects of climate change are. … Read More

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