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Understanding Currency Carry Trades

There are many different types of assets to choose from when investing. The most common are stocks and bonds, but there are other types of assets for the more advanced trader, like commodities and currencies. Investing in stocks, bonds and even commodities is relatively simple. As an investor, you purchase the asset with the expectation … Read More

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Stock Trading 101: Value Investing vs. Growth Investing

Stock trading isn’t done blindly, at least not by those who are successful in the markets. It takes planning – developing a winning strategy that identifies which stocks have the potential to go higher. You’ve most likely seen or heard of the most commonly used strategies already: growth investing and value investing. What you might … Read More

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The Future of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

The technology industry is arguably the fastest growing segment of the economy and the one industry that can affect all others through innovation and new breakthroughs. IoT (Internet of Things) promises to bring about a new paradigm in the way we live our everyday lives with technologies like self-driving cars and smart tech that can … Read More

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5 Things Successful Investors Do

It can be hard to cut through the cacophony of Wall Street, considering how much coverage there is from so-called experts on television, internet blogs and various other media outlets. But if you pay close attention, you’ll notice something vitally important: they almost never agree on anything. One analysts might predict doom in the next … Read More

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How to Reconsider Retirement Planning So You Can Earn Big in Your Golden Years

Retirement planning used to be a fairly straightforward process. Pension and social security income established a base level of income and then your 401K/403b and IRA investments were used to determine how much you could withdraw over 20 years or so to come up with your final income amount.  Anything above and beyond, such as a … Read More

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Beginning Investment Strategies To Help Build Your Portfolio

Whether you’re a new investor just dipping your feet into the stock market or an experienced trader, having the right strategy is essential in keeping your profits up and avoiding unnecessary losses. You might think that just setting up a brokerage account and buying a few stocks is all it take to be successful. You … Read More

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Rates Are Going Up: Here’s How To Play It

It’s been quite a while since investors had to worry about inflation, but since the election of Donald Trump, inflation is back on the radar. Less than a year ago in July, inflation stood at a mild 0.8 percent and the Fed’s yearly rate hike still seemed almost too fast. As of March though, inflation … Read More

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Why You Should Invest in the Market No One Is Paying Attention To

Oil hasn’t been popular with investors for quite a while. Since oil collapsed following an OPEC-led attack to bankrupt foreign oil producers and take back market share from new oil sources like U.S. shale, oil stocks have been looked at warily. But even though oil has been the most recent asset class to fall on … Read More

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Are Defensive Sectors Too Expensive to Be Valuable Right Now?

The markets have officially come off the post-election high and are now looking uncertain in the face of a far more aggressive rate hike from the Fed. Investors might be looking for some kind of safe haven asset class in order to weather a possible upcoming storm and classic defensive sectors like utilities, healthcare and … Read More

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Space: The Next Investment Frontier

Most people think of space exploration as the domain of scientific discovery and nothing more. Only a handful of tech visionaries have already begun investing in what could be the next greatest economic expansion in human history. While it might seem like the stuff of science fiction, investors can already invest in space operations with defense … Read More

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