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5 Things Successful Investors Do

It can be hard to cut through the cacophony of Wall Street, considering how much coverage there is from so-called experts on television, internet blogs and various other media outlets. But if you pay close attention, you’ll notice something vitally important: they almost never agree on anything. One analysts might predict doom in the next … Read More

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Are Defensive Sectors Too Expensive to Be Valuable Right Now?

The markets have officially come off the post-election high and are now looking uncertain in the face of a far more aggressive rate hike from the Fed. Investors might be looking for some kind of safe haven asset class in order to weather a possible upcoming storm and classic defensive sectors like utilities, healthcare and … Read More

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Don’t Panic! Turn an Unstable Environment Into Maximum Profits

Now that the election is over, investors have begun turning from hopeful optimism to nervous skepticism. The Trump administration was viewed as good for American manufacturing and investors began to buy industrials and materials, while commodity prices in metals like copper enjoyed similar gains. With the actions of the administration early in office, though, investors … Read More

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How to Trade When the Markets Go Sideways

Wall Street loves volatility – the more chaos, the more opportunities for profit. It’s relatively easy to turn a profit when the market is going up and just as easy when the markets are going down. It’s when volatility dries up and markets trade in a holding pattern that investors see drops in returns. It … Read More

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Stocks and Bonds: How To Allocate Your Portfolio’s Holdings

If you watch any financial news program or read investment-based articles, you might notice something interesting – they’re usually about stocks. There might be a bit about currencies, commodities and bonds, but by and large stocks get the most coverage. There’s a good reason for it: stocks tend to be the first type of asset class … Read More

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The Folly of Anchoring in Stock Trading

One of the metrics you use to gauge whether or not to purchase a company’s stock is based on how their price has fluctuated over time. There’s a certain rush you feel when you see a company’s value appreciating at a 45 degree angle. The urge to buy stock in a positively moving company like that … Read More

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