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How to Spot Potential Buyout Targets

When it comes to investing, being the first one to notice something positive before everyone else is the key to making big profits. Value investors pride themselves on spotting intrinsic value in undervalued equities, while growth investors are able to spot long term trends and take advantage of momentum. While both strategies are valid and … Read More

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Who’s Poised to Be the Next China?

For more than a decade, China has been the engine driving global economic growth. A leader in the emerging market economies with double digit GDP growth, a newly capitalist political regime and a rising middle class gave investors a guaranteed way to maximize profits. The exponential growth caused demand for commodities like steel and aluminum … Read More

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Is the Global Rally for Real?

The bull has been marching for eight years now with no signs of weakness. In fact, the economic data keeps growing stronger, supporting the case for continued strength in the global rally. The Fed’s recent statements seem to indicate possible rate tightening to combat future inflation, as well – another sign that the markets are … Read More

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Why Mutual Funds May Not Be Your Best Option

Newly minted investors often turn to mutual funds to meet their financial goals and expectations instead of trading stocks on their own. The idea of taking the fate of your portfolio into your own hands can be intimidating and the availability of investment vehicles that offer diversification and automatic management all-in-one almost makes the decision seem … Read More

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Finding Cracks in the Bull Market

The current bull market has been alive and well as of March 2009, which means it’s coming up on 8-years-old. Considering that the average bull market lasts about 4 years, many investors are beginning to wonder if we’ll see a correction soon, or if the bull still has plenty of room left to run. It’s … Read More

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Want To Design the Ultimate Investment Portfolio? Here’s How.

If you’ve decided to take control of your own financial future by starting an investment account – congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward gaining true financial independence. But before you open your first brokerage account and beginning trading stocks, there are a few things you’ll want to know first. An investment portfolio is more … Read More

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Time To Ring The Register: When To Sell A Stock

Owning a winning stock that’s worth more than when you originally purchased it is a great feeling. As long as it keeps going up, you’ll want to hold on for the ride. But knowing the right time to sell a stock is arguably more valuable than knowing when to buy one. It might seem counter-intuitive … Read More

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Is Buy and Hold Trading Dead?

Before the advent of the day-trader and Regulation Fair Disclosure, investing was simple. You bought a stock and held it until you retired or closed out your account. Large cap, well established companies that payed a dividend were ideal. Stocks like Exxon Mobil, Johnson & Johnson, US Steel and other well known brands were common … Read More

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What’s the Difference Between ETF’s and ETN’s?

Wall Street has a reputation for developing new types of investment products, slapping a not new label on them, and sending them out for investors to peruse without really taking the time to explain exactly what it is that they’re buying. While most investors are at least somewhat familiar with ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) now, … Read More

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Excel Formulas for Stock Trading

So you finally want to begin taking your stock trading knowledge to the next level by applying it. From personal experience I can attest to the fact that there is more writing on investing and the philosophy surrounding it than any of us will be able to read in our lifetimes, but due to the … Read More

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