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Built for investors who want to manage their own portfolios, Ally’s self-directed trading gives you all the tools you need to buy and trade stocks, optimize your portfolio and stay on top of the market, all without the need for stock brokers, in-person consultations or financial specialists. With Ally, you’re in control. See How Easy It Is - Read Review - Submit Review

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9.7* of 10
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For new investors looking to make a splash in day trading, TD Ameritrade can offer the user-friendly, powerful solutions that could help you make smart choices. With investment guidance to support its intuitive interface, TD Ameritrade could have you buying and selling like a pro in no time. You could also benefit from the company’s simplistic platforms. See How Easy It Is - Read Review - Submit Review

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9.0* of 10
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This online discount brokerage offers award-winning analytic software and advanced web-based trading platforms for its traders making it one of the most comprehensive brokerages out there. With stock trades at just $4.99 per trade for active traders (200+ trades/month), it's also one of the cheapest online brokerages you'll find. Opening an account is a simple process, and new traders can take full advantage right now with a 20% discount on commissions through March of 2016. See How Easy It Is - Read Review - Submit Review

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9.2* of 10
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One of the first online discount brokerages, FirsTrade is on the cutting edge of your investment needs. If you're looking for great promotions and affordable trades, this is the firm for you. Open a new account with qualifying deposits and receive 100 free trades (for 30 days) and up to $100 cash back, or transfer your account from another broker and get a transfer rebate worth up to $100. Options contract charges along with exercise and assignment fees still apply. Stock and option trades are priced at just $6.95 and there are 12 ETF's available to trade at absolutely no cost, so you can diversify your portfolio and build a strong investment foundation. See How Easy It Is - Read Review - Submit Review

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9.4* of 10
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With a recognizable presence in online trading, E*TRADE has challenged industry standards for over two decades to help bring traders as much control as possible of their stock portfolios. E*TRADE also helps bring you value that goes beyond low commissions, such as 24/7 customer service, complimentary guidance, and streaming research and quotes. See How Easy It Is - Read Review - Submit Review



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