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What the Fall of the Coal Industry Means for Your Portfolio

The energy sector might be a cyclical industry in terms of stock performance, but the need for energy is something that will always exist. But with so many various forms of energy available, traders are left with a hard choice to make about where to invest. The political climate seems to shifting away from fossil … Read More

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Invest Like a Pro with Stop and Limit Orders

It’s one thing to understand the concept of buying and selling stocks, but successfully putting that concept into actual practice means understanding how trade orders work. Different types of trade orders tell a broker how to execute a trade. There’s more than one strategy that can work and it all depends on what type of trade … Read More

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Why Target-Date Funds Are the Worst Thing You Could Invest In for Retirement

Investors are always looking for the next great product that can help them gain an edge on the market. From the dissatisfaction of the performance and fees of mutual funds, came the advent of ETFs. But investors still wanted a total investment vehicle that could be used in retirement accounts that didn’t need yearly adjustments or modifications. … Read More

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Strategies for Mitigating Geopolitical Risk

Risk is a necessary evil in every portfolio – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Risk is why stocks can outperform safer, conservative investments like bonds and treasuries. The key is to diversify your holdings so that one single risk doesn’t pose too much of a threat to your overall portfolio. Many investors believe … Read More

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How to Boost Profits Using Spread Options

Investors are always looking for a way to make their money go further. Investing in speculative high growth stocks can generate returns in excess of 100 percent or more over a couple of years. Those with an extremely high risk tolerance might play the futures market and gain leverage, as much as 200:1 in some … Read More

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Stock Trading 101: When to Cut Your Losses

There’s no worse feeling than selling a stock after it’s lost money – except when you hold on far past when you should have sold, as the stock drops more and more, making you question every trading decision you make from then on. Warren Buffet famously has just two rules he lives by – Rule … Read More

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Trading the Pink Sheets: Bold Move or Ill-Advised?

Public companies sell shares of stock to investors, giving them partial ownership in exchange for money used for capital investment purposes. These stocks trade on an exchange where investors can freely buy and sell shares. While most investors are familiar with the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges, there’s another type of exchange that doesn’t receive the … Read More

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What is Efficient Market Hypothesis?

Investors look for any advantage in order to turn a profit in the stock market. And that includes doing research and developing theories in order to explain market movements and behavioral patterns. Perhaps the most well-known is EMH or Efficient Market Hypothesis. Like many market theories, EMH attempts to explain how stocks are priced and … Read More

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The Future of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

The technology industry is arguably the fastest growing segment of the economy and the one industry that can affect all others through innovation and new breakthroughs. IoT (Internet of Things) promises to bring about a new paradigm in the way we live our everyday lives with technologies like self-driving cars and smart tech that can … Read More

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How to Spot Potential Buyout Targets

When it comes to investing, being the first one to notice something positive before everyone else is the key to making big profits. Value investors pride themselves on spotting intrinsic value in undervalued equities, while growth investors are able to spot long term trends and take advantage of momentum. While both strategies are valid and … Read More

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