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5 Things Successful Investors Do

It can be hard to cut through the cacophony of Wall Street, considering how much coverage there is from so-called experts on television, internet blogs and various other media outlets. But if you pay close attention, you’ll notice something vitally important: they almost never agree on anything. One analysts might predict doom in the next … Read More

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Avoid these 5 Mistakes to Stay Financially Healthy in Retirement

For most Americans, retirement is the ultimate goal. You work hard to earn income, invest as much as you can and prepare to live off off those savings for the rest of your life. It’s a permanent vacation and reward for a life well earned. But retirement planning is getting a bit more complicated for … Read More

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Everything You Need to Know about Swing Stock Trading

Swing Stock Trading is a type of momentum trading where the investor attempts to achieve gains from stocks or commodities within a time period of one to four days. A swing trader’s goal is to find the stocks that are likely to have significant potential gain within a short period of time and then trade them … Read More

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Are We There Yet? What A Market Top Could Mean For Investors

The second longest bull run in history has continued to march forward this year with almost no indications of trouble. Even the single largest single-day drop of the year had little lasting effect, with the markets bouncing right back to positive territory the next day. The seemingly endless bull market has some investors nervous about … Read More

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5 Smart Tips for Trading Stocks Part-Time

There’s a misguided view that when it comes to trading stocks, you need be all in to really make it financially worthwhile. That’s simply not true. It’s important to build a solid portfolio over time at a rate that makes the most sense for you. Need a little help? Here are some tips for trading stocks … Read More

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Why You Should Invest in the Market No One Is Paying Attention To

Oil hasn’t been popular with investors for quite a while. Since oil collapsed following an OPEC-led attack to bankrupt foreign oil producers and take back market share from new oil sources like U.S. shale, oil stocks have been looked at warily. But even though oil has been the most recent asset class to fall on … Read More

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What the Business Cycle Says About Industry Stock Performance

The stock market is a dynamic entity that’s in constant motion. Investors analyze stock movements across various sectors in an attempt to spot trends and predict future patterns. One of the most often used methods for analyzing stock patterns is the business cycle. As the economy ebbs and wanes, certain sectors of the stock market … Read More

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Investing in Bonds: The Basics

Bonds aren’t the most popular investment to talk about. Investors tend to view them much like a side of broccoli in a steak dinner. The steak (stocks) may garner all the attention, but experienced investors know that it takes a balanced portfolio to be financially healthy. Maybe you can speak at length about the prospects … Read More

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Putting A Price Target On A Stock

There’s one simple rule when it comes to investing: buy low and sell high. It’s a simple enough philosophy in theory, but much harder to implement in practice. In order to actually make a profit, you need to purchase a stock at a cheaper price than when you sell it. The problem lies in knowing … Read More

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Demystifying Financial Statements

In order to determine a stocks value, analysts pour over company financial statements in order to find trends, strengths and weaknesses. They break down the data and present it to investors through different ratios designed to help them make quick comparisons and make predictions about where a stock is headed. These financial statements include the … Read More

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