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You don't have to look far to find advertisements claiming 1000% returns or higher trading penny stocks. They sell for just pennies, as the name implies, giving investors the impression that they are cheap and therefore have more possible upside movement. It can seem tempting to buy thousands of shares of a company's stock that sells for just $0.01 a share and imagine that it's not really that risky because you're not spending much. And because it doesn't take much, these stocks can easily rise in value creating huge gains for investors. But far more often these stocks lose value or even go bankrupt. Investors should take extreme caution when considering a penny stock for their portfolio. What penny stocks are Stocks like General Electric or Amazon trade on exchanges such as the NYSE or the NASDAQ. These exchanges have certain requirements and regulations in place to ensure that stocks trading on them meet guidelines like financial accounting standards and proper reporting to protect investors from fraudulent activity. Penny stocks, however, trade over-the-counter on what's commonly called the pink sheets.… Read more

There's a common philosophy in real estate – buy the worst house in the best neighborhood. The opportunities for profit are highest when you purchase something that needs a lot of work, but because it's in a good location, the resultant gains are relatively easy to obtain. The stock market works in a similar fashion, only instead of neighborhoods and houses, you have industries and individual stocks. And like real estate, values are often strengthened by the neighborhood, or industry, that they're located in. A good stock in a poorly performing sector doesn't have room for growth and lacks positive catalysts to move higher. In order to maximize profits and minimize losses, you'll need to be selective with your stock picks. That means buying only the best companies for the role they'll play in your portfolio. Creating a playlist There are roughly 630,000 companies that are publicly traded in the world. Trying to narrow down that list to find the best of the best may seem like a daunting, if not altogether insurmountable task. Luckily, there is a way to… Read more

There's no greater sense of investment accomplishment than selling a stock after it's doubled or tripled in price. Some stocks break even higher and put up returns tenfold or more. Google debuted at $85 per share in 2004 but today under the Alphabet name, the stock is worth over $1,000 per share – a gain of well over 1,000%. Of course, for every big winner like Google, there are plenty more stocks that never come close to those kinds of returns. It takes a lot of patience and determination to be able to invest in a stock and believe in your analysis for years, regardless of what the markets do or analysts say. It doesn't always work out, but one breakout stock can easily make up for a number of other stocks that haven't met expectations. The winning criteria There's no simple rule that will let you spot potential gainers of 100% or more. Instead, you need the ability to spot trends that will last years and be able to invest before the majority discover it happening. That means staying… Read more

There's no lack of media coverage when it comes to big tech names like Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook. Technological advancements seem to be coming out of Silicon Valley on a daily basis and innovative products are changing the way the world works. Not every company that's making breakthroughs is actually defined as a technology company. One company making a huge impact in the field of technology today is actually classified as an automaker – Tesla. But don't let the label fool you, Tesla is anything but a simple automotive company. The company of tomorrow Tesla first broke onto the scene as a maker of electric vehicles. It took the trend towards green energy and fuel-efficient vehicles a step further than other manufacturers by producing only electric cars. Many investors take one look at Tesla and wonder why the stock is so popular. The metrics are not in line with other automotive manufacturers and by some accounts, the stock looks too expensive to justify buying it. But in truth, the company isn't just an auto-maker. One of Tesla's strongest products is… Read more

There's a common saying on Wall Street: “Bulls make money, bears make money, and pigs get slaughtered.” In other words, you can make money in the market whether it's going up or down but getting too greedy could erase any profits you had up until that point. It sounds good, but many investors get stuck at the “bears make money” part. After all, it's relatively easy to profit from bull markets, but profiting from bear markets isn't quite as simple. In order to make money in a bull market, all one needs to do is buy low and sell high. Easy enough when markets are trending higher. But in a bear market, the same principle is applied in reverse: sell high, buy low. Luckily, there are a number of various strategies you can employ to profit from down markets without taking on more risk than you're comfortable with. Bear strategies for any portfolio The simplest way to profit from a bear market is to simply short a stock. You sell a stock upfront, pocketing the money, with the intention of… Read more