11 Top iPhone Apps For Expert Stock Trading Investors

Now that the dust is settling following the stampede of new stock trading applications for Apple’s iPhone, the best ones are rising to the top of a long list. Here’s a look at some the favorites among expert investment traders.

Yahoo! Finance – Just for the sake of clarity, yes, the iPhone did come with a Yahoo! Stocks app already installed. That’s not the same as the Yahoo! Finance app, however. The Yahoo Stocks application was a nice watchlist manager, but the Yahoo! Finance tool for the iPhone literally brings all the power of Yahoo’s web-based finance page to the iPhone. Charts, real-time quotes, Tech Ticker, your portfolios – all of it.

Bloomberg – In the same vein as Yahoo! Finance, the Bloomberg iPhone application bring all the power of its regular computer-based portal to the mobile platform.

USA Today –  The USA Today application distributes its regular web content to the iPhone. This makes keeping up with financial news, as well as political news, breaking news and more, a snap. At the tap of a button, you can access USA Today’s entire library of content, bringing this diversified news source straight to the palm of your hand.

Morningstar – Not only does Mornigstar’s iPhone app stay focused on the rating company’s mutual fund venue (though stocks are in the mix), it actually makes weekly fund and stock purchase suggestions. The same watchlist, news, and quite services available through other apps can be found here as well.

ChartsLive Stock Charts – Though most of the freely accessible financial sites listed above (as well as the broker-specific apps listed below) offer some sort of charting option, ChartsLive (and its sister app ‘PortfolioLive’) make detailed technical charting a snap for the iPhone…… its detail and functionality is much better than the alternatives when it’s just charts being compared.

iTrade Stock Market Simulator – Just like an online stock trading account, but without real money. The iTrade simulators looks, acts, and paper trades just like the iPhone apps of actual brokerage firms, but it’s all mock, just for fun and practice. Learn the ropes without losing your shirt in the process.

Forbes Intelligent Investing – If you’re looking for more commentary or news, and for less on the quote, chart, and watchlist front, Forbes has a solution. Its mobile tool offering is more of a ‘newspaper’ feel without all the distraction of bells and whistles you may not want to be bothered by,

Broker Specific iPhone Apps

iStockManager – TD Ameritrades’s iPhone tool allows users to access and trade their TD Ameritrade accounts right from the palm of their hand.

E*Trade Mobile Pro – Just like the name implies, this app is for E*Trade customers. Most of the key stock trading features available through the broker’s site are available for the iPhone (and iPad)…. not just the BlackBerry.

iSwim – From online trading broker ThinkOrSwim, a very robust trading and analysis platform.

Fidelity Mobile Brokerage – Anything you can do online at a computer you can do with the iPhone, if you’re a Fidelity customer.

More iPhone apps from other online trading brokers are sure to be on the way.