Activision’s Future Looks Somewhat Shaky – Diablo 3 Complaints

The video game wars are heating up this summer, now that Blizzard released the new Diablo 3. However, investors may want to stay wary of Activision Blizzard (ATVI).

Activision’s financial performance is top-notch, but its upcoming lineup is not looking too promising either.

To tell the truth, Activision has always had a reputation for running its franchises into the ground. For instance, the big company flooded the game industry with too many music games after Guitar Hero became a hot property. It published a load of hasty Tony Hawk Pro Skater sequels that were sub-par improvements at best.

The company has had an extraordinary amount of luck and success. Its Call of Duty franchise is still one of the most popular first-person shooters of all time. The corporation’s merger with Blizzard added even more revenue to the software entertainment giant. The franchises are starting to grow top-heavy with yearly sequels, though.

Unfortunately, the games published by Activision are also declining in overall quality. Although Diablo 3 is the hottest selling game of all time, its customers are not too satisfied with the final product. The biggest complaint involves the digital rights management software included with the game. It requires gamers to keep their Internet connection online, just so that people can play the game.

The always-on Internet requirement may seem like a minor complaint, but it has led to plenty of frustration amongst gamers. The company’s servers experienced an unprecedented amount of slowdown. To make matters worse, Diablo 3 has no offline mode. Unlike the previous Diablo game, the new title must keep the Internet active. This prevents many computers with dial-ups and low-speed connections from ever playing the role-playing game.

Numerous video game publications have given rave reviews to Diablo 3, praising it as the smash hit of the year thus far. However, most fans have harshly criticized this blockbuster for not living up to fans’ expectations. Some users have issues with the new cartoon-like look of the Diablo 3 character models. Other people have noted that the colors are too bright for such an intense dungeon crawler.

Diablo 3 isn’t the only black mark on Activision’s upcoming release calendar. The newest Call of Duty sequel is set to take the series into the future. This includes gun battles in outer space. Many long-time fans are now up in arms about the new direction of the massive franchise. Although the military campaign earned a mint off of its modern warfare spin-off, the genre has grown stale with a tiresome amount of yearly sequels.

Of course, Activision probably will still manage to stay profitable. The corporation capitalizes on more franchises than other companies. For example, the new game company, 38 Studios, was forced to lay off many workers. It used up nearly all its resources on a single game, Kingdom of Amalur. Unlike 38 Studios, Activision (ATVI) has far more developers to publish games for. The company will probably come up with better-than-expected earnings.

The company’s has its own share of problems though. Don’t be surprised if the final sales numbers for the new Call of Duty game fail to meet expectations. Hopefully Activision will not run the entire franchise dry with sequels, but the corporation could run out of luck someday.