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Do Alternative Investment Funds Actually Work?

The traditional portfolio consists of stocks and bonds and little to nothing of other asset classes. Adding more than that to the mix has generally been left up to professionals to handle. But with the advent of ETFs and other asset creations, everyday investors now have relatively easy access to all sorts of alternative investments … Read More

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When Will Oil Hit $100 Per Barrel Again?

Until the summer of 2014, crude oil prices topping $100 per barrel was a common occurrence in the markets. But the OPEC-driven war against foreign oil competitors like US shale flooded the market with oil, creating a crash that dropped prices down below $30 per barrel just a few years later. Since then, there have been … Read More

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What Tariffs Do (and Don’t Do) for the Stock Market

  President Trump recently announced a trade tariff imposed on steel and aluminum imports aimed primarily at China. It places a 25% tariff on steel and a 10% tariff on aluminum, which is designed to combat the US trade deficit and protect domestic steel and aluminum production. However, steel companies immediately tanked following the announcement, … Read More

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Getting Started in the Mining Industry

While some investors love chasing the latest technological trend or favorite consumer product or service, others prefer investing in something more primal. These investors like companies whose business is easily understood – something solid. They want a product that has real value, no matter what. Mining companies harvest metals and minerals essential for every industry, … Read More

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How To Get Started Trading Commodities

As a beginning investor, you might already have some familiarity with mutual funds, stocks, ETF’s and even options. Most online brokers have services that allow you to trade a combination of those assets and you likely understand how to put basic combinations together as part of your investment strategy. But trying your hand in the … Read More

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What is a Derivative?

If you are brand new to stock trading and have only just started skimming through the headlines of financial news sources, or even if you are a seasoned investor who has been investing your own money for most of your life, there is a concept that has been appearing with greater frequency in the news … Read More

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