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Day Trading 101

Day trading is often misunderstood to be synonymous with investing. Where investing is the act of expending money with the goal of profiting by way of appreciation, day trading has a narrower definition. It means the buying and selling of stocks within a single trading day. Profits are made not through general appreciation, but rather … Read More

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What is the Future of Online Trading?

Since the first stock traded hands on the docks in the early 1600’s with the East India Trading Company to today’s simplicity of point-and-click transactions, technology has been a key factor in making capitalism the standard economic model of the world. With the advent of digital trading systems known as electronic communications networks (ECN), brokerage … Read More

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Get Off the Facebook Bandwagon

Facebook (FB) may look like one of the top new stocks on sale on the NASDAQ but, as history has shown, the IPO’s of technology companies often start at inflated prices that are nowhere close to their actual value. Yet, Facebook’s IPO is too hard to judge because we simply don’t know enough about how … Read More

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What are Options in Stock Trading?

Several nights ago I was grocery shopping. After gathering everything I needed from my list I started approaching the front of the store so I could check out and pay for my groceries. Arriving at the front of the store there were two cashiers and lines available to be checked out from that were seemingly … Read More

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Excel Formulas for Stock Trading

So you finally want to begin taking your stock trading knowledge to the next level by applying it. From personal experience I can attest to the fact that there is more writing on investing and the philosophy surrounding it than any of us will be able to read in our lifetimes, but due to the … Read More

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What is a Derivative?

If you are brand new to stock trading and have only just started skimming through the headlines of financial news sources, or even if you are a seasoned investor who has been investing your own money for most of your life, there is a concept that has been appearing with greater frequency in the news … Read More

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Which Stock Trading Technique Is Best For You?

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing a stock trading strategy and choosing which one to go with can be a complicated decision. If you really want to make it big in stock trading it will be important for you to become educated and understand the different strategies available to you. Then, you … Read More

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Tips For Successful Day Trading

If you are a day trader or plan to get into the day trading market, you need to have a certain mindset and certain skills to be successful. Day trading takes time and dedication as well as knowledge and the ability to pay close attention to details. Day trading can be very lucrative, that is … Read More

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Day Trading For Beginners

There are many strategies and techniques for stock trading. One method is called “day trading” and it’s a strategy recommended for people who have experience with the stock market and the discipline to research and study the various stocks. Day Trading is perhaps the most exciting type of stock trading. Those that enter day trading … Read More

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Making Stock Trading a Full Time Job

Is it possible to turn stock trading and playing the markets into a full time job? Some people have earned several million dollars from successful day trading, so it’s definitely possible to make stock trading your full time career. Not everyone can succeed as a full-time stock trader, but if it’s your ideal career path, … Read More

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