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Ignore the Politics: Focus on Fundamentals

The much-talked-about mid-term elections are over, but the volatility seen in the stock market over the past few weeks has set many investor’s nerves on edge. The votes are in and America has a new political party in control of the House while another controls the Senate. In response, the market showed higher volatility – … Read More

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Economic Indicators Every Investor Should be Familiar With

It takes more than simply following the ups and downs of the S&P 500 or Dow Jones in order to be a successful investor. You need to be aware of current events and track changes as they occur in order to know where the economy is and where it might be headed. Failure to do … Read More

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How to Manage Corrections in the Markets

Volatility is back in the markets and corrections seem to be happening more frequently this year. There’s been a flurry of activity early on this year with rising oil prices, a new Fed chairman, tariffs, and a possible trade war. The eight-plus-year long bull run may be facing its last days, or it might just … Read More

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What a Trade War Would Mean for Your Portfolio

The markets have become a volatile place of late triggered by a host of catalysts like rising interest rates and high stock valuations. Adding fuel to the fire is Trump’s newest policy of tariffs aimed at combating the United States’ trade deficit and retaliating against China. The result is heightened fears of escalating tit-for-tat maneuvers … Read More

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Job Market

As much progress as technology can enable, there’s often a social downside that might not be so evident at first. The dawn of the industrial age brought automation to the workforce and allowed businesses and the economy to grow to sizes no one ever imagined possible. But the efficiency came with a radical shift in … Read More

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Who’s Poised to Be the Next China?

For more than a decade, China has been the engine driving global economic growth. A leader in the emerging market economies with double digit GDP growth, a newly capitalist political regime and a rising middle class gave investors a guaranteed way to maximize profits. The exponential growth caused demand for commodities like steel and aluminum … Read More

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