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How To Invest In Foreign Currency

If you’ve ever talked about investing in a foreign currency, odds are you’ll have heard about the Iraqi Dinar. There’s a commonly held belief that the Dinar will be revalued and that anyone who holds Dinar will suddenly see their amount changed overnight into a large sum of money. Unfortunately, the odds of this happening … Read More

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How to Invest in Futures

Most investors are familiar with asset classes like stocks or bonds; some might even have experience with trading options or currencies. But one area where many investors are lacking in knowledge and exposure in their portfolios is futures. Even experienced investors may not have much exposure to the futures market. With large initial balances, sometimes … Read More

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Stocks and Bonds: How To Allocate Your Portfolio’s Holdings

If you watch any financial news program or read investment-based articles, you might notice something interesting – they’re usually about stocks. There might be a bit about currencies, commodities and bonds, but by and large stocks get the most coverage. There’s a good reason for it: stocks tend to be the first type of asset class … Read More

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Should I Invest in Foreign Currencies?

If you’re looking for another way to make your dollar grow, you might consider doing away with the dollar entirely and investing in foreign currencies. The Forex market, once the home of large institutional brokerages and hedge funds, is now available to everyday investors through margin accounts. While it may sound risky and exotic, foreign … Read More

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What is a Derivative?

If you are brand new to stock trading and have only just started skimming through the headlines of financial news sources, or even if you are a seasoned investor who has been investing your own money for most of your life, there is a concept that has been appearing with greater frequency in the news … Read More

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