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Strategies for the Risk Tolerant Investor

Investors don’t have to look very far to find investment advice. From the tip given by a co-worker to the myriad of financial advisors available, there’s plenty of material on the subject out there. But unless you fall into the standard risk tolerant category, you might be missing out on a more efficient investment plan. … Read More

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The Economics of Going to Space

There’s a new frontier market opening up with unlimited opportunities for virtually every sector of the economy. It’s still unrealized as of yet and very few companies have even begun exploring its endless possibilities. It’s the new economy of outer space. Like the paradigm-shifting industries of electrical power and computer technology before it, space is … Read More

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How to Use Free-Cash Flow to Value Stocks

There a number of well-known metrics investors use to determine whether or not a stock should be purchased. Price-to-earnings analysis, dividend discount models, and modern portfolio theory are all commonly used by investors to place a value on a prospective stock. But there’s another metric that’s slowly taking over as the preferred method for valuing … Read More

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Investing in Precious Metals

Picking the right investment for your portfolio isn’t always easy. You want to keep diversification alive by selecting stocks from different economic sectors. And while most investors cycle through various sectors as the economy ebbs and wanes, there’s one sector that seems to make it into almost any portfolio – gold. Gold, along with silver … Read More

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The Basics of Sector Rotation

The stock market is a dynamic entity. It lives and breathes like an organic being, but instead of oxygen and water, it feeds off of the business cycle. Certain sectors outperform or under-perform depending on where the business cycle is at which gives investors an opportunity to profit by following along. One of the most … Read More

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How to Manage Corrections in the Markets

Volatility is back in the markets and corrections seem to be happening more frequently this year. There’s been a flurry of activity early on this year with rising oil prices, a new Fed chairman, tariffs, and a possible trade war. The eight-plus-year long bull run may be facing its last days, or it might just … Read More

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Investing in Foreign Markets

Diversification is a word that investors hear every day in the markets. It’s an important concept – β€œdon’t put all your eggs in one basket.” To most, it simply means choosing a mixture of stocks and bonds and ensuring that the stocks you hold are from various sectors of the economy and come in varying … Read More

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The Best Defense Against Bear Markets

Bear markets are the bane of every investor’s portfolio. They can strike quickly without much warning and turn a profitable year into a disaster. Panic sets in fast and the markets become a mad scramble to sell stocks before everyone else to avoid taking on even more losses. There are few things in the markets … Read More

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What a Trade War Would Mean for Your Portfolio

The markets have become a volatile place of late triggered by a host of catalysts like rising interest rates and high stock valuations. Adding fuel to the fire is Trump’s newest policy of tariffs aimed at combating the United States’ trade deficit and retaliating against China. The result is heightened fears of escalating tit-for-tat maneuvers … Read More

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Should You Consider Trading Penny Stocks?

You don’t have to look far to find advertisements claiming 1000% returns or higher trading penny stocks. They sell for just pennies, as the name implies, giving investors the impression that they are cheap and therefore have more possible upside movement. It can seem tempting to buy thousands of shares of a company’s stock that … Read More

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