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How to Invest in Futures

Most investors are familiar with asset classes like stocks or bonds; some might even have experience with trading options or currencies. But one area where many investors are lacking in knowledge and exposure in their portfolios is futures. Even experienced investors may not have much exposure to the futures market. With large initial balances, sometimes … Read More

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What Margin Levels Mean for Markets

Investors are constantly searching for ways to predict market behavior. They pour over any and all evidence looking for patterns and indicators that might help them spot opportunities or avoid costly mistakes. Some of these correlations are noted in lagging, current, or future economic indicators such as employment levels, GDP data, retail sales, and others. … Read More

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What To Do in a Sell-Off

There’s no worse feeling than checking your portfolio and discovering the market is in the midst of a panicked sell-off. Watching a stock (or many stocks) you own drop further and further with no discernible end in sight can be a heart-wrenching experience. But, like all things, sell-offs are only temporary. While broad market selling … Read More

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Red Flags that Mean Sell as Soon as Possible

Every investor that’s traded stocks for a while knows the feeling of watching a stock suddenly and unexpectedly drop overnight. One minute, you’re looking at solid fundamentals and making a case for why the stock could move higher and, the next, you’re watching investors dump shares in a panic while the stock drops to gut-wrenching … Read More

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Is a Strong Dollar Good for the U.S.?

One of the most common rhetoric in American politics is the campaign promise to make the U.S. dollar strong. At face value, it sounds like anything that’s strong should be a good thing, but globalization makes the answer tricky. The short answer of whether a strong dollar is good for the U.S. or not is … Read More

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How to Boost Profits Using Spread Options

Investors are always looking for a way to make their money go further. Investing in speculative high growth stocks can generate returns in excess of 100 percent or more over a couple of years. Those with an extremely high risk tolerance might play the futures market and gain leverage, as much as 200:1 in some … Read More

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How to Evaluate an IPO

An IPO launch can be an exciting opportunity for investors who want to get in on the ground floor of a newly-made public company. Companies decide to go public in order to accumulate a massive influx of cash, which is then used for product development, capital investments and other things that help it grow larger. … Read More

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Is There a Way to Predict or Avoid Black Swans?

Investing comes with risk. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but many investors think that simply diversifying a portfolio eliminates the majority of risk they’re taking on. Unfortunately, risk comes in many different shades and flavors. Experienced investors know all-too well the many different types of risk that comes with investing in the stock … Read More

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Trading the Pink Sheets: Bold Move or Ill-Advised?

Public companies sell shares of stock to investors, giving them partial ownership in exchange for money used for capital investment purposes. These stocks trade on an exchange where investors can freely buy and sell shares. While most investors are familiar with the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges, there’s another type of exchange that doesn’t receive the … Read More

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Investing in Stocks with Negative Earnings

Investing in a stock comes with one simple goal: profit. Stocks move higher as companies grow and profits increase, making shares more valuable as a result. But sometimes, companies that post positive earnings have a losing stock performance and companies that post losses can end up with winning stock performances. Analyzing a stock with positive … Read More

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