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What Tariffs Do (and Don’t Do) for the Stock Market

  President Trump recently announced a trade tariff imposed on steel and aluminum imports aimed primarily at China. It places a 25% tariff on steel and a 10% tariff on aluminum, which is designed to combat the US trade deficit and protect domestic steel and aluminum production. However, steel companies immediately tanked following the announcement, … Read More

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Which Sectors Will Outperform in 2018?

On the surface, it might look as if markets are unpredictable entities moving at random, but there is actually some degree of order that guides the economy. Investors have noted certain patterns in the economy that take place over time, now known as the business cycle. The economy generally goes through several stages – early … Read More

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The Business of Space Travel

Since the advent of the space program, the realm of space exploration and science has been almost completely government-led. But those days are over with a number of new ventures, including Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, Amazon’s Blue Origin and of course Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. Private funding has greatly advance rocket science, leading to reduced … Read More

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Here’s Why You Should Stay Far Away from Bitcoin

Regardless of whether you’re an active trader or just someone with internet access, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Bitcoin. The crypto-currency can’t seem to avoid the headlines right now and it’s because of the incredible growth its undergoing. In the past three months, Bitcoin has risen nearly 400 percent, going from around $4,000 … Read More

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What the Fall of the Coal Industry Means for Your Portfolio

The energy sector might be a cyclical industry in terms of stock performance, but the need for energy is something that will always exist. But with so many various forms of energy available, traders are left with a hard choice to make about where to invest. The political climate seems to shifting away from fossil … Read More

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Can This Bull Market Keep Heading Higher?

The stock market has continued its long bull run, up nearly 14 percent year-to-date. It’s the second longest bull market in history, which was born in March 2009 following the Great Recession. And it’s that longevity that has investors wondering – when will it end? Despite setbacks, like the oil crash prompted by OPEC’s war … Read More

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The Future of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

The technology industry is arguably the fastest growing segment of the economy and the one industry that can affect all others through innovation and new breakthroughs. IoT (Internet of Things) promises to bring about a new paradigm in the way we live our everyday lives with technologies like self-driving cars and smart tech that can … Read More

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Who Will Benefit from Self-Driving Cars?

A new technological revolution is just around the corner. IoT (Internet of Things) is introducing a slew of new developments that will have disruptive impacts across the entire global economy. Self-driving cars look like the most likely to be next in line to be rolled out to the public and there are a lot of … Read More

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Big Oil: What Investors Should Look Out For

The oil industry has been one of the most volatile and hotly-debated global economic sectors of the last few years. It seemed to begin in the summer of 2014 when OPEC nations decided to launch a battle to maintain their market share against foreign oil producers, such as U.S. shale oil. Prices dropped precipitously, while OPEC … Read More

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Are We There Yet? What A Market Top Could Mean For Investors

The second longest bull run in history has continued to march forward this year with almost no indications of trouble. Even the single largest single-day drop of the year had little lasting effect, with the markets bouncing right back to positive territory the next day. The seemingly endless bull market has some investors nervous about … Read More

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