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Southwest Airlines Survives Rising Oil Prices

Not too many airline services give top-notch service like Southwest Airlines (LUV) and despite oil prices reaching their highest prices in history , Southwest still doesn’t sacrifice service to increase their profit margin. Rising oil prices have affected nearly every company in the transportation sector. Southwest Airlines’ stock price especially suffered a decline of more … Read More

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Get Off the Facebook Bandwagon

Facebook (FB) may look like one of the top new stocks on sale on the NASDAQ but, as history has shown, the IPO’s of technology companies often start at inflated prices that are nowhere close to their actual value. Yet, Facebook’s IPO is too hard to judge because we simply don’t know enough about how … Read More

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Massive Trading Loss Tarnishes J.P. Morgan Chase

With the recent trading loss by J.P. Morgan Chase (JPM), more bank investors are losing their trust in banks. They have good reason to show concern. J.P. Morgan Chase lost $2 billion from high-risk, derivative trades in only six weeks. The C.E.O. of J.P. Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, said that the bank could suffer an … Read More

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