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Investing During a Correction

Volatility has returned to the markets and a bearish mentality has begun to creep into many investors minds. Over the past week, the S&P 500 has dropped more than 3.5% while the NASDAQ has fallen over 4% in the same time period. While it’s too far early to call the movement a bearish reversal, it … Read More

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Is the Tech Sell-Off the Market’s Tipping Point?

  It’s been a while since investors have seen the kind of volatility the markets having been showing over the past couple of months. The broader averages have toppled from earlier highs reached back in September, but then bounced back somewhat in the past few weeks. As with most market corrections, earnings results have been … Read More

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What to Expect from the Markets in 2019

The stock market has been showing signs of trouble for several months now, with earlier gains erased by a series of corrections and then boosted again following a series of significant up days. Year-to-date, the S&P 500 is up around 2.7% while the NASDAQ has gained around 7.3%. However, both are off earlier highs which … Read More

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How the Fed Affects the Stock Market

The Federal Reserve is one of the most misunderstood institutions in the US right now. Investors and everyday Americans have begun to resent and distrust the Fed while political parties vilify them as an enemy to economic growth. But the Fed is an independent entity beholden to no political party that serves an important role … Read More

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Ignore the Politics: Focus on Fundamentals

The much-talked-about mid-term elections are over, but the volatility seen in the stock market over the past few weeks has set many investor’s nerves on edge. The votes are in and America has a new political party in control of the House while another controls the Senate. In response, the market showed higher volatility – … Read More

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Should You Stay Domestic or Go International for Higher Profits?

Stocks haven’t done much so far this year. The S&P 500 is up just 2.8% while the Dow Jones is actually down around 1.4%. Volatility has ranged from extreme lows to extreme highs this year alone but currently stands at a mild 13.37. The stagnation of US markets has led some investors to think outside … Read More

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How to Use Free-Cash Flow to Value Stocks

There a number of well-known metrics investors use to determine whether or not a stock should be purchased. Price-to-earnings analysis, dividend discount models, and modern portfolio theory are all commonly used by investors to place a value on a prospective stock. But there’s another metric that’s slowly taking over as the preferred method for valuing … Read More

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Economic Indicators Every Investor Should be Familiar With

It takes more than simply following the ups and downs of the S&P 500 or Dow Jones in order to be a successful investor. You need to be aware of current events and track changes as they occur in order to know where the economy is and where it might be headed. Failure to do … Read More

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What Stock/Bond Allocation Is Right For You?

Designing a portfolio usually involves a mixture of stocks and bonds. While other asset classes can be added to the mix, a typical investment portfolio is broken up by these two main asset types. Stocks offer greater returns but carry a higher degree of risk while bonds have a lower risk profile but come with … Read More

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How Technology is Becoming the Most Important Sector

When designing an investment portfolio, diversification is a critical component. Holding stocks in various sectors helps mitigate risk without compromising returns. But not all sectors are created equal. Depending on where the business cycle is at, certain sectors may outperform or underperform the broader indexes. Cyclical industries behave in patterns that are relatively easy for … Read More

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