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A Quick Guide To Biotech Stocks

Equities are not all the same thing. Even beginning investors know that they’re broken up into categories based on industry or sector of the economy the company participates in. Building a portfolio by mixing up economic sectors is one of the most basic tenets of diversification, but knowing what sectors to invest in isn’t so … Read More

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Technology Companies to Watch for the Next Decade

  Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in the global economy. Tune into any financial news network and if they aren’t already discussing a tech company, it won’t be long before they do. There’s even an entire index made up primarily of technology companies – the NASDAQ. There’s no shortage of promising tech … Read More

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How Technology is Becoming the Most Important Sector

When designing an investment portfolio, diversification is a critical component. Holding stocks in various sectors helps mitigate risk without compromising returns. But not all sectors are created equal. Depending on where the business cycle is at, certain sectors may outperform or underperform the broader indexes. Cyclical industries behave in patterns that are relatively easy for … Read More

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Tesla: It’s Not About the Cars

There’s no lack of media coverage when it comes to big tech names like Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook. Technological advancements seem to be coming out of Silicon Valley on a daily basis and innovative products are changing the way the world works. Not every company that’s making breakthroughs is actually defined as a technology company. … Read More

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What the Fall of the Coal Industry Means for Your Portfolio

The energy sector might be a cyclical industry in terms of stock performance, but the need for energy is something that will always exist. But with so many various forms of energy available, traders are left with a hard choice to make about where to invest. The political climate seems to shifting away from fossil … Read More

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3 Industries that Might Not Be Around in a Decade

Economic sectors might be one of the cornerstones of diversity, but they aren’t timeless. In fact, sectors are born and die over time as technology and consumer habits change. Investors need to be aware of industries and emerging trends that could mean the beginning or end of an industry, or else find themselves lagging behind … Read More

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Going Green: Is It Actually Profitable?

When the green movement started, people assumed it would be a passing fad. But it’s obvious now that alternative energy and environmentally-friendly materials are the future of this planet, especially after the sudden leak of an important environment report presented to the White House that shows just how urgent the effects of climate change are. … Read More

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Job Market

As much progress as technology can enable, there’s often a social downside that might not be so evident at first. The dawn of the industrial age brought automation to the workforce and allowed businesses and the economy to grow to sizes no one ever imagined possible. But the efficiency came with a radical shift in … Read More

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IoT and the New Need for Cyber Security

Technology is a fast paced industry that’s constantly redefining the way we do business and live our day-to-day lives. In the same way the personal computer changed the world, IoT (Internet of Things) promises to be just as disruptive. IoT is technology that’s able to interact with other technology, like smart grids that can predict … Read More

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The Basics: How to Value a Biotech Stock

Investors typically use several generally recognized methods for analyzing a stock’s value. Basic ratios such as P/E (price-to-earnings), EPS growth, margins and more provide an overview of how a stock is performing. Normally, these ratios work to compare stocks with the broader markets and can reveal whether a stock is under-valued, fairly priced, or over-valued. But … Read More

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