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With a recognizable presence in online trading, E*TRADE has challenged industry standards for over two decades to help bring traders as much control as possible of their stock portfolios. E*TRADE also helps bring you value that goes beyond low commissions, such as 24/7 customer service, complimentary guidance, and streaming research and quotes. You can also benefit from smart technology with a number of mobile and desktop trading interfaces to keep you in the loop with all of your commodities and trade actively wherever you go. Even more impressively, if you sign up today, you could qualify for 60 days of free trading and get up to $600 placed in your E*TRADE account.


Based off of the success of his previous company, William A. Porter founded E-Trade Securities, Inc. in 1991. Originally offering its trading services using online services like America Online and Compuserve, the Palo Alto, California company soon grew its revenue to millions of dollars. In 1996, the company itself went public with underwriter Robertson, Stephens & Company, further propelling its success. Through several mergers and acquisitions, E*TRADE has developed the reliable and powerful online day trade services you see today.

Commissions and Fees

Though E*TRADE proclaims that its ultimate value is based on more than low trading fees, the company’s costs are still pretty impressively low. With straightforward $9.99 stock trade and options base fees, you can do a lot of trading without having to do a lot of calculating about your charges. The mutual fund trade fee is also impressively low, costing only $19.99 per transaction. Even better, E*TRADE offers 80 commission free ETFs to let you trade without having to worry about commissions fees at all. And, if you sign up today, you could qualify for 60 days of free trading and receive up to $600 to trade with for free.

  • Stock Trade Fee $9.99
  • Options Base Fee $9.99
  • Options Per Contract Fee $0.75
  • Mutual Fund Trade Fee $19.99
  • Number of Mutual Funds 8,000+
  • Broker Assisted Trade Fee $9.99
  • Broker Assisted Per Contract Fee $0.75
  • Commission Free ETFs 80
  • Minimum Deposit $100
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Of course, a brokerage could have the most powerful solutions with the lowest rates, and it wouldn’t do you any good if you couldn’t tell where your money’s going. E*TRADE attempts to help you out with a number of easy ways to access your account wherever you are. Whether you want to control your portfolio from your desktop, web browser, mobile device or one of E*TRADE’s physical locations, you’ll find great options that could work for you.

E*TRADE 360, for instance, offers one of the easiest website-based day trading interfaces you might ever see. With a three column layout, E*TRADE 360 manages to give you an amazing amount of information about your positions and performances without appearing cluttered. If you scroll down the page slightly, you’ll be able to research stocks and commodities while still keeping all of your information visible. Inputting trading conditions is also easy, making E*TRADE 360 one of the most convenient and straightforward trading tools you’re likely to see.

Likewise, E*TRADE Pro offers a more sophisticated desktop-based platform that’s still incredibly easy to use. Allowing you to trade stocks, commodities, futures and options all at the same time, as well as track them all in real-time. With customizable columns, you can interact with your portfolio the way you want, plus quickly access your account summaries and positions. For serious traders, E*TRADE Pro could give you the serious control that you need.

If you’re on the go, E*TRADE Mobile can give you convenient access to your accounts and portfolios, allowing you to track your standings in a manner similar to E*TRADE 360. Having all of your financial information at your fingertips could be indispensible to a successful trading strategy.


Since E*TRADE was incubated on the internet, you’ll find all the information and resources you need on the company’s website. Using respected 3rd party analysis from companies like Morningstar and MarketEdge, you can receive unbiased reports and analysis on a wide selection of stocks you’re considering. Having such detailed and clearly summarized research available before you spend any money could prove essential for your trading strategy. You’ll also be able to view market trend information, giving you a look at crucial trends and overarching themes to help inform your choices. Additionally, this information is easily accessible from all of E*TRADE’s trading platforms to make researching and trading as seamless procedure.

E*TRADE also has a whole section of its website dedicated to investment strategies, allowing you to research successful techniques before you wager any of your money. This includes several free online courses and webinars to help you learn how markets work at your own pace. Or, if you prefer face-to-face interactions, you could always walk into one of E*TRADE’s physical locations. This allows you to receive professional advice from one of their trained specialist on the spot while asking any questions you might have. It seems like no matter how you want to take charge of your financial future, E*TRADE may have the tools that are perfect for you.

The Good

You could qualify for 60 days of free trading with up to $600 placed in your E*TRADE account

The Bad

Platform requires 30 trades per quarter to maintain an account

The Ugly




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