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One of the first online discount brokerages, FirsTrade is on the cutting edge of your investment needs. If you're looking for great promotions and affordable trades, this is the firm for you. Open a new account with qualifying deposits and receive 100 free trades (for 30 days) and up to $100 cash back, or transfer your account from another broker and get a transfer rebate worth up to $100. Options contract charges along with exercise and assignment fees still apply. Stock and option trades are priced at just $6.95 and there are 12 ETF's available to trade at absolutely no cost, so you can diversify your portfolio and build a strong investment foundation.


Launched in 1985, FirsTrade was one of the first few discount brokerages to start offering online services to its investors. Its competitive rates and outstanding customer service reviews have made it one of the best options for investors with assets like stocks, bonds, ETF's, mutual funds and more.


FirsTrade has some of the best online trading rates on the market. Stock and option trades start at only $6.95 and are $0.75 per option contract. The company has 12 favored ETF's that are available to trade free of charge, and load mutual funds come at no extra cost, as well. Even no-load funds can be traded for just $9.95 – considerably less than most other online brokers.

  • Stock Trade Fee $6.95
  • Options Base Fee $6.95
  • Options Per Contract Fee $0.75
  • Mutual Fund Trade Fee $9.95
  • Number of Mutual Funds 493
  • Broker Assisted Trade Fee $19.95
  • Broker Assisted Per Contract Fee $0.75
  • Commission Free ETFs
  • Minimum Deposit N/A
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Traders know that having the right equipment at your fingertips makes all the difference when you're investing in the fast-paced world of Wall Street. FirsTrade knows what investors need when trading stocks and have designed an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that new and experienced investors alike will find incredibly helpful.

View the market at a glance with their new Market Heatmap feature, which tells you which sectors are hot or not that day, or screen for new trades through the Sectors and Industries Toolbar. Check out current buy/sell recommendations on stocks you're interested in and never miss out on upcoming events with FirsTrade's all-encompassing Calendar, which tracks IPO's, earnings dates, dividend payouts and more.

Trade on-the-go with FirsTrade's mobile app and take advantage of all the tools you have on your home computer, no matter where you are. Mange your positions, make trades, or research new opportunities from your tablet or smartphone. You can use the advanced charting feature to map out trend lines and spot market changes as they happen in real-time.


Tools are an important part of a trader’s toolkit – without the right equipment, it’s impossible to know all the variables and make educated decisions in the market. With FirsTrade's powerful online tools at your disposal, you'll be able to navigate Wall Street's murky waters without fear. The dashboard overview gives you all the essentials upfront on a single screen, making it easy to find exactly what you need.

Use advanced charting to discover emerging trends, or screen for new stocks using whichever variables you see fit. Get access to market commentary from leading professionals, or get a more personal touch by calling FirsTrade directly to speak with one of their award-winning customer service associates.

Need immediate help? Chat live online or call directly anytime between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM Monday through Friday to get help with trades, resolve technical issues, or just get new trade ideas. They’re also friendly to your wallet, with rebates on fund transfers and a $50 refer-a-friend campaign.

The Good

FirsTrade is one of the cheapest online brokerages you'll find, with trades starting at $6.95 for stocks and options (additional $0.75/contract).

You can open a new account and take advantage of their deposit bonus.

The Bad

No 24/7 customer support line means longer wait times during busy market hours when you call to get your questions answered.

The Ugly

FirsTrade doesn't have a wealth management division for clients who need a more personalized approach and who may have advanced tax planning concerns.



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